Dental Hygienist Salary

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Dental Hygienist Salary

How much is a dental hygienist salary? Is it really enough to make someone go to school and through all the hardships just to be one? If you want to be a dental hygienist, there is more to it than meet the eyes, and there are certainly many things that you would have to consider aside from the money you can make with it. For one, you will need to go to school to be able to practice in the dentistry field, and you will also need to undergo licensure exams, certifications, accreditation and so much more about dental hygienist salary and job descriptions.

Dental Hygienist School and Dental Hygienist Salary

If you want a dental hygienist salary, then you would need to be a dental hygienist. How does a person become one? It all starts with proper education. If you are still in high school and you have decided already that you want to be one, it would be good for you to know that high grades in all areas of science could give you a good background and get you ready enough for a dental hygienist school.

Dental Hygienist Salary: How Much Could You Make?

How much is dental hygienist salary in today’s market? A dental hygienist salary could only be attainable if you finish a dental hygienist program. Finish the program and get an associate’s degree and you are ready and set to apply for certification examinations and things like it. If you want to go teach dental hygiene as a professor or you want to go deeper into the field and do research, you would need to go and get a bachelor’s degree or a master’s. The associate’s degree is much easier to acquire as it could take only around 2 years for a student to finish it. A master’s degree would be obviously harder to acquire, and an average of six years should be allotted to the study. A dental hygienist salary could depend on his educational background, so you might want to make education your priority.

Dental Hygienist Job Description

From the word itself, dental hygienists are more concerned with keeping the teeth sang gums healthy and healthy-looking. They assist dentists in many ways. So the question now would be if you are convince that a dental hygienist salary is enough or worth the troubles. A dental hygienist might be able to see a patient even if the dentist doesn’t. This is because there are some tasks assigned to hygienists especially since dentists are too busy with major operations on patients. Before a patient could be seen by a dentist, most clinics would require that the dental hygienist check them out first and this is the main source of a dental hygienist salary. They could assess the condition of the patient, give advice on proper mouth and teeth care, and many other things that dentists are too busy to deal with. In short, it would be hard for a dentist not to have a dental hygienist, and it is one of the reasons why a dental hygienist salary could be high.

Salary of a Dental Hygienist

Now, this is something that you’ve wanted to hear since you’ve began reading this article. How much is a dental hygienist salary? Statistics show that a dental hygienist could make $16 to $41 an hour, depending on the company or the clinic they’re working for, as well as their location. However, the usual rate per hour is more than $22. This means that every year they get to take home a total of around $30,800 to $85,000, which isn’t too shabby for someone who only had 2 years of studying to do.

You can check the Occupational Outlook Handbook For Dental Hygienist

To some individuals, this dental hygienist salary is enough but that is up to the person’s interest and plans in life. Also, most dental hygienists are female and they generally make more money out of the career than males. Most dental hygienists, studies show, are satisfied with their careers and the dental hygienist salary that they get to take home, and more than 15% of them have stayed with their jobs for over 20 years.

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